Odontoglossum Seedlings

Odontoglossums are cool growing orchids with beautifully frilled and patterned flowers. The Wilsonaras will grow under intermediate conditions. 
Since these are seedlings, there will be some variation in the color, size and shape of the flowers.

Odm cordatum
Odontoglossum cordatum


Oda. Petit Port ‘ Woolsey’ HCC/AOS  x  Oda. Shine Gate ‘Red Hot’

Medium sized, glossy red flowers with a bright yellow crest on
branching spikes.           
4” pots    3 bulbs $20.00   Order Now    

Wilsonara Dianne Feinstein ‘Red Ruby’ AM/AOS

Mericlones of and intermediate growing hybrid with very longlasting,
glossy burgundy flowers contrasted by a red lip.
3” pots 2 bulbs $15.00   Order Now  

Petit Port
X Shine Gate

Wils. Sheila Anne '#1'
Wils. Dianne Feinstein 'Red Ruby'