Golden Gate Orchids
Specials of the month

These seasonal specials are available for a limited time only. Please also see the "Orchids" page for plants available year-round.

GG2131    Bulbophyllum echiolabium ‘Golden Gate’  x  self
              Spectacular species from Borneo with 14” flowers that
              bloom sequentially for up 6 months. 
              Warm grower.                                                           
              5” pots     in spike    $35.00      Order Now

GG2222    Paphiopedilum Robinianum
              This free flowering, primary hybrid of Paph. parishii x
              Paph lowii produces 4-6 flowers per stem with green
              sepals and purple drooping petals.
              5” pots     in spike    $35.00      Order Now



Paph. Robinianum
Paph. Robinianum